I Feel Stupid

all my life people call me stupid ugly retarded and so on. at first i didn't care but now its getting to me because i am slow. i try my hardest to understand what goes on in class and try studying but nothing works.i feel like everything bad happens to me. i am so nice but nobody cares about me . i feel so lonely like an outcast to the whole world. i cant do anything right. i cry myself to sleep sometimes and then cry in the morning. i feel like i have have to no support, no love. my friends or family don't understand, now its getting worse because i give up on myself i have no future. i always wanted to be a counselor but i am too dumb for that. i just don't know what is wrong with me i feel like i am going crazy.
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I've been in your shoes! And I wish I didnt have to type this because I wont be able to say everything that I want to but:

First of all.... You want to be a counselor! Thats amazing and great. You want to help other people and that says a lot about you. Something that I keep having to learn over and over again, though, is that you cant help people until you help yourself. And let me say, that when you learn how to help yourself you are going to be a great counselor. Because you have been through struggles. You will know how to sympathize with patients and that is key. But first, you must learn how to help yourself!

How do you do this? You focus on yourself. Hard. And you focus on the Positive things. There is a book called The Secret. It saved my life in so many ways. I hope you read it one day soon. :)

In that book you will realize the mistake you have been making all along. For example, in your post you wrote: "feel like everything bad happens to me." and "i cant do anything right." and "i am too dumb for that." Those thoughts become reality. Therefore:

Step 1 = stop saying and writing negative things
No matter how bad your day is, never give in. Never say or think bad things about your life. You may be thinking "that's impossible" Well.... Start THINKING that it IS POSSIBLE!

Step 2 = write down on a piece of paper EVERY DAY something good about yourself, your day, life, attitude, hobby, nature, Anything. - It is an easy step that takes 30 sec. to 5 min to an hour if you want. Just do it! Seriously, you will thank me later ;)

Step 3 = Make a list on paper or in your mind of what you WANT. Friends, good grades, better focus in class, your parents to ask you how your day went, anything. *do not use the words "DONT", "NOT", or "NO" or any other negative words. Just list what you want.

Step 4 = REMEMBER THAT LIST. Memorize it. Love it. Breathe it. Live it.

Step 5 = Know that these steps ARE going to make you happier, more confident, find more people who care about you and you will do better in school. So, Just DO It.

Step 6 = Let me know how you are doing. Update me with anything you feel comfortable talking about. There are people who care. Because at one point in their lives, those people had no one who cared about them either. I'm glad that I am alive today and it feels good to be able to say that!

Take care, think positive, be successful. It's in you.

" i always wanted to be a counselor but i am too dumb for that."
you are never too dumb for anything that you set your sights on......... remember everyone learns at their own pace. have you tried talking with your school teachers or maybe with your doctor?