Just A Step Before The Ravine

Something happened to me at 16, I had trouble with the law for a joint. It made my life miserable and I still pay for consequences. It is something terrible to me, specially looking at how people live in this town and knowing they're criminal.

Yesterday I wanted to go out, there is nothing to do here, it is a very boring town, cold and sad, I called a friend of mine and..it was happening again,12 years later I could live again that problem, since the police stopped us and for a joint they could take us to the station and ruined our life. I'm scared, it is nothing serious, I know, but I really take care about things. They just started to insult us, bad, telling us that if they wanted they could ruin our life. Then tanks God, they just throw the joint and they told us to go away.

Now I have to be happy, because nothing happened, but inside, I am really scared and angry, just because I'd like to decide for my life, and if I'd like to smoke a joint indeed to spend money on beer and drive drunk I would like to do it. Still.. I do not smoke joints, because I study and I do sport, so it happens once in awhile, but I think I will just stay at home, it is funnier then going out, less problems.
CrookedMat CrookedMat
26-30, M
Dec 14, 2012