Do I Tell Her Or Not !

Have known a women for approx 8 years our families are friends, she is as of yesterday official divorided from her parterner, while they were seperated she has meet someone. I've been in a marriage that has been staedly declining for about the same amount of time, 8 years. I was instantly attracted to this women from when we first met, but have kept my feelings to myself. She is an amasing person, compassionate, outgoing, beautiful, and i love being around her. My wife has become very ill, in the past several months,( requires a transplant ). I've been her main caegiver for the last 4 months pretty much 24/7. this is not helping my stituation either. I feel extremely alone. I would not consider leaving my wife like this, I'am not sure if her dislike or rejection of me over the past few years may even be from her illness as it progressed along. My question is do I tell my friend how I feel about her, or do I simply say nothing, these feelings have not just started in the last few months but have been tearing at me over the last couple of years. Right now she is all I can think of, and I want her to know how I feel. To the women on the site, if you were the woman that was unaware of my feelings would you want to know ?
alone8140 alone8140
56-60, M
Dec 14, 2012