Alone As Always

I' ill &have about 18months if I don't have a transplant but without insurance fat chance. My husband of 33years won't get it for me bc needs his money for other things. I don't what bc there are days i don't eat. It's no big deal i'm use to his selfish ways never was given a gift for anything. He loves to tell me everything that is wrong with me. The reason i don't leave is bc i have no one in my life. The one person i do have is my youngest son but i can't burden him he bipolar& not well. I try to help him & he is thankful & we are close. Sorry to have bothered you so long. Thanks for listening.
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but you can change your life you can leave husband and find a lovely caring guy to be with loads do it in life loads of women of all ages leave there husbands if there not happy or been treated right and find someone else to be with who treat them right you are amazing person and there guys out there who want you and make you happy your husband not a very nice man when he very happy for you to die i believe in you and see amazing person who been unlucky to be with a nasty person you are young and have your whole life ahead of you and can be very happy for the rest of your life you been treated so badly most of your life you believe you deserve it and dont believe you should and can be happy you wrong you deserve to be happy and can be happy

it up set me that you want to die and think that is the easy part who say you done anything to deserve this you deserve better it your husband who doing wrong when he happy to see you die

I googled " Medical help for the indigent" I found many websites that you can go to, depending on your location, at least in the USA

I'll check myself.

If you are from the USA, did you check on line for charities, government or otherwise that will help you defray the cost of your transplant?

The only mistake you made was marrying an S.O.B.

You have a very sad story. A husband who doesn't care enough about you to spend any money on you to save your life. There is a program fund out there for indigent people who can't pay for these transplants. I'd do a google on it if I were you. I wish you God's blessing and pray for your resolution.