For My Friend Need Some Advice

So I got on my friends laptop and found this note he wrote to himself and well seeing how I started writing on this site I figured I could try to get some help from him too.

So I've started my decent into madness again being ignored by a lover I guess can do this. I feel empty she says I feel numb honestly I have fallen out of love with you, but I still love you..She loves Gage too I looked at her messages mistake on my part she loves him. she wants him. HE is ******* perfect in her eyes They talked about how they had sex and how god I can't even talk about it when no one is there to see it. she told me they have slept beside each other and how they hug and kiss. I've have been dating her for almost 2 years now. Its my fault though maybe if I could actually show some kind of appreciation to the ones I love things would be different Maybe she wouldn't have felt the need to be embraced by another. There is no one you can talk to they are all too one sided. I need my friends to understand my pain and help not just bad mouth her and try to make me feel better. I want to grieve but I don't deserve it I poured out my soul early to her now she doesn't even say anything back its been a couple of hours at the very least. Well at least I know that the next relationship I'm in I'll just end it before we have sex. After all no need to put whoever that unfortunate girl is through the trauma that is me seeing how and I quote I cause girls to never be able to have ******* again. yeah that was a ******* awesome thing to hear come form here. How sex with me wasn't good all it did was hurt. But you know he is good or it at least feels good. god what a ******* terrible note to end on well at least no one can see it right? So how about you go cry yourself to sleep you ******* loser no need to bog some one else down with this ****.
Scaredfree Scaredfree
Dec 15, 2012