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Someone With Experience With Being Used By Men Please Talk To Me I Need To Speak To Someone

I've had oral sex with over 30 boys and I'm only young and need some advice please
Mollyrubey2 Mollyrubey2 13-15, F 11 Responses Dec 15, 2012

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you will only get treated the way you let people treat you. And you will only ever attract the people you feel you deserve to attract. its more important to have good people in your life then good looking people in your life. find a way to think of why you are beautiful.....

How hard is it to keep your mouth shut? Sorry to be so frank, but over 30 boys?!? You need more help than what any of us can provide if this is true and you can't stop giving oral for whatever reason.

I could stop, like I don't think I'm addicted to it,? Boys just don't even talk to me if I don't do it..

You need to establish who you are as a person and what expectations you want out of a relationship. Being alone is not the same as feeling alone and so long as you allow these kind of "relationships" to go on you will continue to feel alone; because, these people are only providing attention so long as your doing something for them and that's not healthy for you emotionally, that's not how relationships are supposed to work. I believe once you start setting those expectations for yourself; you'll start attracting the right kind of people in your life. People that genuinely care about you and want to know you as a person. If you want someone to talk to or just listen, feel free to message me. As for garymofooak, I don't see any respect or support in your message, so why are you on this site?

Thanks a lot, these really does mean so much to me!:)

If I say no not one boy even bothers talking to me at all I'd rader just give it than have no one talk to me

If they don't have respect for you, they're not worth your time anyway. You're right, you are young yet still and have plenty of time to find you're own crowd of people that won't manipulate or use you.

My friends are nice it's not them I'm from Dublin and every single popular child over 14 goes drinking here and from that comes sex but even after boys still pay attention to most girls just not me, and Ino I have time but if this stays the same I don't no what will happen in the end

what part of it do you need advice about?

How to stop doing it, just how to control it I don't no what to do

you just have to have the will power to do it and to say know most guys think if they get it once they can have it anytime they wont you just gotta say no

i hope a good guy comes into your life and loves you for you and not for things like that one day the perfect guy will come just have patents it will happen i promise

I hope soo thanks soo much!!:)

your welcome
anytime you need help advice or just need someone to talk to or vent to just text me ill be here to help you out

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just try to slow it down pleease hun. the boys will start thinking you are easy and yes they will come for head but what else? you want to be the girl who gives head and gets no respect? i am sorry if i sound harsh now - i am honestly trying to help you. what would your parents say about this?

They would hate me! I'm only 15 and its over 30 boys in like 2 months and if I don't just give them head they don't tal to me at all soo I'm just left on my own

i am wondering if its because of the fact the first boy made you feel like crap for doing it and so on some level you are trying to fix it by repeating the act to make it all ok. You know its not going to work hun. all you are doing is hurting yourself. can you not just stick to kissing boys and giving them a hand job if you are tempted to give head but pleeease try not to! i will say though that growing up is about experimenting but you dont have to rush it. you got years of practise! look after yourself. you know you can catch some harmful things from unprotected oral sex so be careful pleeease! i am worried about you x

They never just want to kiss, in fact most of the boys I've gone near I didn't even no there names in some ways I am forced because I mainly am drink and they just make me but I bring it on myself and the first boy is just never off my mind and my Bestfriend is worried about me too but isent much help..

i hope you understand me... i dont honestly think that boys who truly cared about you would want you to fo this so quick. Let them like you for what is inside of you and not what sex act you can do for them,

They don't want to know me inside they just want sex or head or whatever they mostly don't even talk to me and it all started over the one boy

hello mollyruby2, i am not the fountain of all knowledge but i wonder if you have a problem with self love. how do you get treated at home? are you hurting inside? if you were older and doing this and you had no problem with it, then i would say fine, you are a free woman and its up to you what you do. However, you are still a young lady - a child in the eyes of the law, but regardless of the law or your age.... i just want you to care for yourself. if you are getting messages in other parts of your life that you are not worth loving or not likeable - that does NOT make it true. You are a human being who deserves love and respect. If you are not getting this from your family, please try to give it to yourself. You are worth loving.

My family are great, yes we have problems but all family's do, I'm 15 and I had never done anything until I met this one boy he gave me alcohall and then I gave him head, and then we had a fight and he hates me and since then I've just given it to so many boys and I always just end up thinking of the first boy and he never actually liked me he just used me too it confuses me ..

Aye they dont like you if you do it, they will use you. And if a guy does start to like you and finds out you blowed at lot of guys he will be repulsed by that.
As cheesy as it sounds; love yourself and others will follow.

I understand that but if I don't give it or do anything else boys just don't pay attention to me at all I just don't want to be left alone forever

Dont be negative. Show cleavage, wear tight but nicely fitted pants. Go do a make over n do ur hair nice. Stay confident! As bad as it sounds blondes get more attention ;)

I'm blonde I always have my cleavage out I do wear tight pants they just still pay no attention to me ..

not helpful in my opinion and some boys prefer brunettes!

I was a brunette but when everything started happening I changed my style completely

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You do this because?

I don't no, I just feel like its the only way boys will ever like me