I'm Here If You Need Me To Be.

Recently, I was having a really hard few days and needed someone to talk to desperately. I'm still going through a rough patch, but I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, and I wanted to turn the tables for a while and let you know, if you're reading this, that if you feel lonely and you need someone to talk to who won't judge and who will listen to any and all of the ranting you've got stuck inside you that needs to come out, feel free to send me a message. Sometimes we just need someone to listen who isn't expecting anything in return, so if you need someone to sit and let you talk, I'm here, whether you want my opinions, a distraction from whatever's going on, or just someone to hear you out.

You're not alone!
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CONTINUED... So long story short were both going again next year so ill see him WHAT THE **** DO I DO.

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to write back :( Unexpected visitors showed up right after I posted this thread. My biggest question is about the part where you said that no matter how much you wanted to not like him, you still do. Why do you feel like you shouldn't like him? Is there something about him that you think makes you incompatible or makes it seem like he might hurt you, or did you just mean that you think it wouldn't work out and that's why you're trying not to develop feelings?

As long as there's not something about him that makes you feel like he's someone you shouldn't be messing with, I would say just go for it if he makes you happy! Even if it doesn't turn into anything long-term, there's nothing wrong with a little fling or even just a really good guy friend. You're still young so you've probably got a whole collection of future boyfriends ahead of you, but there's no reason not to pursue him just because of the distance or because you think he won't be interested. In my experience, sometimes when you're in your teens it's easier to be yourself around someone who isn't around you all the time at school or while you're with your regular group of friends - you can show all the parts of your personality to him that you're not quite sure you're ready to share with everyone else yet. And as far as thinking he's out of your league - never believe that! I was never the kind of girl who had a lot of boyfriends in jr. high and high school - I had a lot of guy friends, and a few close girl friends as they came and went from my school, but I really never dated much. I just had a few little flings here and there over the years, but in my senior year I ended up making really good friends with the most amazing guy in my grade... Everyone liked him, and he was ridiculously good looking, and in my mind there was NO way he'd ever see me as anything other than a casual friend. I was completely positive that he was WAY out of my league, but one thing led to another, and we were dating before we graduated high school. We're still together, living together, and totally happy almost 6 years later :) Sooo, there's always a chance if you put yourself out there a little.

CONTINUED... no matter how much i wanted not to like him i still did. But i don't think he's interested. Ha, luckily, I'm someone who really has allot of hope. So, I text him, either not answer or he was busy then text me later. Now i know I sound like a stupid idiot, but i really like him, and im out of his league.

Hi, i have a problem that i need advice on. There is a guy i meet this summer, and we had a connection. I really wanted to spend more time with him. I dont know him well, he goes to the boys part of my camp, so we saw eachother twice at each dance, and its was all amazing. A few weeks later i found his fb from a mutual friend. He lives about an hour away, in the city. We chatted a few times, for hours, and i found he usually went on chat at 10, so we would talk for hours until 1 or 2am. It was so easy to talk to him, and i found that no matter w