I'm In Need Of Big Help

I don't know if it is me or I have a curse in my life!!!....I'm 21 years old, and all I remember in my life are only grief and painful memories. As from the time I was a little girl it was a hard time enough for me seeing my dad beating my mother because of his drinking problem and would grab my older brother to clean mums blood from floor or from what ever. and it was even harder for me when I saw my father walking away on Christmas day and it was more harder when my father took my brother along with him. and me and mum stayed behind. And because of that of age 6 I ended up in an orphanage. And then got adopted at age 7.

Anyways years passed and now I only live with memories... I even than I met a gay who I thought he would change my life... and MY GOD HE DID.. for the WORSE MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! He started abusing me, raping me, beating me up treating me etc.... when it would be time for him to come back from work I would **** in my pants because I wouldn't know whit what temper he is coming. then one day I forced me really ugly and raped me and was forced to have sex with him... Months later I found out I was pregnant. I realized I was pregnant after 4 months I manged to leave him... It wasn't easy to tell my adopted parents about all this... they wouldn't believe me. It was after I started showing them my scars and bruises and they were even more shocked when they found out I was pregnant. I was the worse. For the whole 9 months I stayed home. I would be afraid to talk to people. Then after I had the baby... It took me months to accept the baby. I had a boy and he is now 10 months. He was beautiful and well still IS!! ..but anyways... life since then wasn't easy. I had to defend for me and son. But it brakes my heart knowing I had to live a life not wanting to...and it hurts most knowing that I have to suffer for the wrong of some heartless gay.

Now I have a new boyfriend. but It's getting worse.... he is possessing me now and again with threatening.... and I tell him that he is not being a good man and that he is hurting me he will threat me by telling me that if I leave him, He will kill himself. (by the way, he lives with me and my family)....

What can I DO??
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I think u should break up with him if he's becoming too possessing and demanding 'cause u wouldn't want to get beat up again, but remember that this time you have a child on your hands, so who knows what may go through his mind if he's talking about suicide (in other words murder of a person - himself). And if u do break up, I advise u to do that in the presence of some1, like your father or some1 that could stop him, if he'd want to hit u or release his anger. So u wouldn't be harmed. =)

OH! thank you so much for your advice. I like it. and yes you are right.
I can't stand him anymore. I'm very hurt and very afraid. I'm not being able to sleep at nights. I'm so scared! :'(

Thanks again for your help. In fact I'm gonna listen to you and do as you told me so. It sound A Good Try! :)