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I Just Wanna Talk

I just wanna talk and make some new friends. I am bored and there really isnt a lot to do so yea... If you wanna talk 'bout anything then hit me up.
misslead misslead 22-25, F 57 Responses May 22, 2007

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I'd love to talk with you!

I wanna find that one person who will always love and care for me

I'm here if anyone wants to talk I understand being lonely. I feel that way some times too, other times I push people away when all I want to do is be a lone I don't ******* get it at all! I know part of it is my depression that does it because if given the choice of going and doing something fun or just crawling into m bed and watching chaturbate than I will take crawling in bed over anything fun and social. When I am felling sociable I have no one to do things with. It's a never ending circle of lonely hell. When will I quit this rollercoaster of hell? Any thoughts or am I the only one ready this?

Hi how r ya? What's new, if anything? .. Can't believe so many are gathered here .. just makes me think!!


Hi ! :))

i also want to have some naughty talks

All your feelings are real. Don't avoid them. Embrace them then decide which ones are helpful and which ones are not. let go of the ones that are harmful. I'm available to talk. No judgement. Just listen and respond. :>D

lets have nice cozy chat

thanx for giving me favourable response


Helllo, I hope you have gotten in touch with the many people that have responded to you. You can add me to your list too. Hpe things are looking up and going better.

ur good name plz

i really need someone to talk to as well

me also need someone to talk

ur good name plz

Lets all just grab a beer and chat :) lol can talk to me.

I can talk truthfully i am writing this with tears in my eyes this is my lowest but my last resort is reaching out to a stranger on the internet so you can talk to me i need help

You alright?

a lot of us on here who have more on-line chats than real face to face friends but we're still real people so we'll listen.


I came across your story and if ever you want to talk I'm a good listener

i also posted the story as same like you just few secound ago.....i wanna talk too.............

ur name plz?

indeed it was written a long time ago

hi, i need some advice..... I am tired of being alone, I love my boyfriend sooooo much, he is all I have. He is out right now at 2:15 in the morning and did not even ask me if i want to go. I like to drink too.

Sounds like he's up to no good.

hi if you want to chat about him let me know

pleasee don't limit your self . Remeber just like you love him theres somebody out there that will always enjoy your company


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Hi :) you can talk to me. I'll listen. Always. Cheeeerrs. (:

You can talk to me too. I have depression and anxiety. I've learned to manage them pretty well. I've been through a lot in my life and I'm a very good listener. I'd be happy to talk to you.

bored college student looking for friends to talk to . .

hi you can add me if you want to talk about anything

Can U add me ? We can chat.....

I dont know how to add I am new to this

You welcome you add me to your circle of friends and you can message me anytime you see me on. I dont mind talking I love making new friends. I'm pretty open minded not easily offended so feel free to say what you want talk about what you want.

hi my name is mike 29 getting divorced looking to chat

My name is Adam, feeling alone if anyone would like to chat message me

Did anyone notice this post was written in 2007?

if any any one needs same to talk to i am here

I you haven't had a enough friends yet, you can message me, I'll talk about anything :-)

I'm always here for people that need to talk, or people that are lonely or just need or want to contact with another person. I'm here for all of that. I'll talk to you, give you advice if you want me to, and I'll do my best for you to make things better. All you need to do is contact me at ( NeedHelpD AT live. c o m) and tell me on whats wrong or e m ail me and I'll respond back as soon as I get it on my phone. I look forward to talk to you, have a good day<br />
PS: Im doing this because I always feel better while talking to a stranger and share stuff that I couldn't share with anyone I know personally, so I know whats you're going through and Im trying to help.<br />

Y do we always feel better helping someone else when no one will or is able to help us? God bless u. If HE will cause HE hasnt answered me.

I enjoy getting to know someone but ive always asked myself...If we are writing messages back and fourth are we truly talking? LOL Just a thought!