I Just Wanna Talk

I just wanna talk and make some new friends. I am bored and there really isnt a lot to do so yea... If you wanna talk 'bout anything then hit me up.
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I could talk

I am looking to make new freinds I am new to this site

need a frend 2


if im online come chat with me! i dont judge and i am very easy to chat to. i know what its like when you dont feel part of the human race or feel you have no-one to talk to. talk to me dont bottle it up!

Hi!! I use to be bored all the time when i was younger.It was like a restlessness that i could never get over.But then God stepped in and gave me a peace that passes all understanding.The apostle Paul wrote in the bilble to be content in whatever state we are in and i've finally learned how to do that now and i don't ever get bored anymore. II fill my day up with taking care of my house and i listen to klove 102.3 on the radio when i'm working in the kitchen and i watch prophets on chrisian television that helps me to better myself and get closer to God.God can really help you to if you ask him to. Email me back if you wanna talk.

I would like someone to talk to as well

Give your time to God by reading your bible or praying.... there are lots of people need your prayer especially your family.... It is good to meet new friends but it's better to please God who give you good friends...


I need someone to chat

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I could like to make close friends. How do I do so? I feel like I'm putting in too much effort to just stay close to my friends. It's like they find me a bore.

mee too

what u wana talk about.. we are all here :)

What do you need help on Tracy?

lol whats up lol..

I'm new on this page,,, and Need help? on dating.

I desperately need people to talk to. Caring, non-judmental people. That doesn't seem to happen in this forum

I would love to talk. I do not judge at all I have a very careing nature and would like to help if I can.

me too i want to talk with people that i don't know personally because it's more comfortable.

wow! i feel the same way. i can't handle arguing, fighting, etc, but i will if i have to defend myself. and unfortunately, it makes me feel that much more comfortable when i chat online. i can't escape my family even if i don't live with them, but if someone hurts me online, i can escape from them and go elsewhere. :) if you want a friend to chat with, you can friend me at any time. i am not at all judgmental towards people who have tempers. i just am afraid of them. and it's not good being friends with someone you are afraid of.

Ive come across alot of unjudgemental people on this forum. Maybe youve just come in contact with the wrong people.

Great, hope we can get together, thanks

thanks, hope we can get together.

thanks, hope we can get together.

great, lets get together !

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do need someone to talk to!! welcome people to my world!

Genisis 2:18 "And God said, 'It is not good for man (simply meaning mankind) to be alone, I will go and create a help meet for him.'" God wants you to go make new friends. If you talk to Him, i'm sure he is more than willing to talk back, just listen. And it is good to have that physical person to talk to. Just walk out of the house, find someone who's smiling, and introduce yourself, more than likely, they will want to say hi back.

Do you have any idea why we are here. Do you believe there is a god who made everything. Do you know what the purpose is for mankind being here on earth? Id love to talk with you about that if u like, its really really interesting and i have the time to discuss it. I will call back again.

i think i would like to share you

secret_xmx@windowslive.com or yahoo.com add me please

Move out of your comfort zone. There are always,everywhere people who need your help in some way, big or small. Just do it. You will be amazed.

I know what thats like....especially when I travel...(se the movie 'Lost in Translation'). Travel is fun...the 1st time..with someone it would be awesome. The cultures...so much to see. <br />
<br />