Broken Hearted

4 years down the drain...
at 16, i met a girl online, and she was different. beautiful, talented, smart, funny...she was everything i wanted in a girl..we live across the country from eachother..and due to me getting diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (type of stomach cancer) and the financial toll it had on my family. i was never able to see her.
4 years is a long time, but she never made an effort to see me either so we just stayed together. it was great for a and pictures and long talks at night and those cute texts during the day. then she hit university and it went downhill.
Skype turned out with her on facebook or texting someone else on her stopped (shes a huge camera ***** and she used to send me around 5 a day), the phone calls shortened to only 5 minutes a night, and the texts went from pages long to one or two words every 4 hours..
im currently on remission, and ive been doing great to the point where i needed 2 more paychecks from my retail job to get a flight and go see her..sadly i got fired from that job.
i worked hard to make our relationship work..and i tried so hard..and then today i was like shes a huge picture person right? and i decided "HEY! ill make an instagram and see if she has one"
hige mistake...she did have one..with tons of pictures of her with another guy..
i dont know what to i confront her and lose the love of my life? do i just pretend i saw nothing? idk what to do at all...please help me...
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Try having a long distance relationship from India, I'm not referring to myself, anyways if you two stuck together for four years! Then confront her but don't go all out and yell or something bad. Unless those photos are with another guy holding hands and etc. then try and tell her what those four years meant to you and how you are trying to give it your all in the relationship. I hoped I kind of helped. I'm sorry. Oh and very sorry to hear about your health.