Am I Alone

I'm 52 Yeah No friends. where are the real people . people with feelings people who listen people who care. someone like me tired of being alone. where are my friends. if there is such thing as friends. I can't tell because I have none. it's hard being alone....
sittinbymiself sittinbymiself
4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

i too am alone ,noone who one to c if im really if u need me just call out my name .im desperate ,and lonely.needing to share!

my hubby died in 2011and i have one child now i dont feel alone u have to start believing in urself its hard to get out there but it can be done there are people that care i do i want u to start thinking about all ur good qualities about u and ur hobbies start each day by going to a local cafe say hello to someone and take little steps to build up ur confidence i will be ur friend

Dear sittinbymiself.
I am also 52 and live in a very nice state and county; but i also feel alone; what have you tried to connect with people? do you work? do you have family?

Can I be your friend ? I sometimes feel like that too. I'm new to this site and I haven't really got any friends besides my family.