I want to talk dirty with someone, someone who talks down and nasty
Sexybabe234 Sexybabe234
22-25, F
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I will message me let's talk

Well you want some dirty talk I'll give you a pease of me okay. So you want a pease of me first you be my friend and maybe I show you a good time okay.

Cant message you, you need to add me to your circle ;-)

Idk how I'm new

You've done it now :)

Add me to circle and we can talk :)

cooolll... i've no problem.. we can..

Message me

Hi Sexybabe, I'm your man if you want it low down and nasty. I will have you quivering and feeling good in short time, making you ache and breathless with desire. Can't wait to rock your sexy body!

Do u have a messenger

When you free- let me know - mxx

I'm free

Welcome to Ep- how's u

We need to be friends to pm

You have restrictions on yr acc
Go. To settings and change

Otherwise - you won't know the things I can talk to you about
I tried to reply to yr pm- but it says - not allowed!!

Message me

Tried to- says not allowed

Hold on

I'm still holding on.... And I still can't add you. I can't answer your pm either.
You may have to remove some restrictions in your account settings

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You know thats going to get you a lot of stiif dicked horndogs to message you dont you? Oh wait, I guess I'm one too, lol.

Message me

I will!

Message me on here

I in want of a good down and nasty chat. PM or IM me

How do u want to talk??


Do u want to talk on here or what

we can, i also have yahoo messenger

I just sent u a message

What's ur messenger name

ill send you it via message

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