Just Married

Life is supposed to be fun and exciting at this time. Just married three months ago and things seem to be going wrong. Need some advice and please be real. I recieved a settlement and decided to get ahead a little so I paid two months rent bills ect.... Totally around 6 thousand dollars. Now that some bills are coming due my newly husband doesn't want to help out he wants tells me to pay thr bills with my settlement. I have placed the remaining funds in a Ira. He won't even give me a penny. If I need groceries I must make him a list and he will buy it. When I have a doctors appointment he gives me my co-pay, co-pay for my percriptions and gas to get ther and back not a penny more. I have always paid my bills on time have great credit and this man is being controlling with the money what do I do help!!
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I don't know how long you knew your husband before you were married but it sounds like he has some serious problems. This isn't about money, it's about he is trying to control you. You should have a job and put your paycheck into a separate account of your own, then tell him you will split the bills with him. Most importantly, you BOTH need to get to a good marriage counselor to work out the deeper issues involved here. Fights about money are rarely about money. Good luck and take care of yourself.