Anxiety Runs My Life.

Hey everyone. I'm 27 and live in china right now for work. A couple years ago I had a bad flight on my way here and ever since have had horrible anxiety. Some of the smallest problems will completely freak me out and I feel like I can't control myself. I start to shake and sweat and my heart feels like it will leap out of my chest. Most recently I started dating a girl here and after our first sexual encounter I had a full blown panic attack. It wasn't right after but the next day after she had left. Even though I trust her my mind starts to go crazy with thoughts like "oh my god what if she gets pregnant". Also I would think " oh my god what if she gave me an STD". I spent the whole day home alone going crazy thinking these things until later that day I called her and asked her straight out if she had an STD. Just as I thought she got very upset with me and told me of course she doesn't have any diseases. Shortly after she hung up the phone very angry. This just made my anxiety worse. I continued freaking out about it. It's been 2 and a half months since then and I still freak out. I don't have any symptoms of anything and she also didn't get pregnant but I still go crazy. I still worry of diseases but I get so worried that I can't even force myself to go see a doctor. I mostly get scared about herpes as a friend of mine recently found out that he got it. I end up checking myself every day and even though its been 2 and a half months and I have no bumps or sores or burning during urination etc...... My mind tends to convince myself that I probably got it. Anyway, I'm to the point now that's really never want to have sex again because of all the worry it puts me through. I need help....... What can I do?
Chinadan Chinadan
26-30, M
Jan 14, 2013