I have a friend I will call D. She is an intelligent, strong willed woman who lives in my apartment building.
Lately, she seems to be depressed. I think she is considering counselling, but doesn't want to take medication. The problem is I too am struggling with depression. She doesn't always appear to recognize this.
I am not sure how to proceed in our friendship, I try to be an empathetic friend but she tends to focus on her own issues without acknowledging mine.
This whole situation has left me wondering if the stress I feel when with her is an indicator I should maybe 'break up' with her, or at least scale back our friendship. I don't want to desert her, I just hope D can recognize I am a person who needs someone as well.
LostGirl1981 LostGirl1981
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Seems like you are both going through a tough period. Why don't you talk to her about your feelings of depression. Tell her that you recognise it in her maybe you can seek help together or be an unerstanding ear to each other. Do not give up so easily on your friendship.