umm i haven't really open up to anyone because i feel like ill be judged by them or they will think little of me and not care. it just all my life i felt like everyone had a skill or talent that made them awesome or special. but i don't feel like i do. i have a hard time just walking up to a girl and try and get her number, i just feel like im not that good looking and ill get shut down and that scares me. i also feel like my dream job will always just be a dream. im also in the army and im very scared ill get deployed and never come home or ill miss out on everything. i feel like im not that smart and i have a hard time sometimes in any kind of school. i feel like there's this huge war going on in my head and i cant ever make it stop. i want to be responsible but i want to be happy so i spend to much money on crap i don't need and when i need the money for important stuff im broke. i know the problem is all me i just dont know what to do or what to fix so i thought someone might
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It is nothing wrong with spending money, you need to set limits, like for example before you walk to the sales counter. Ask yourself do I need these things,is it a necessity. And next thing try to get on a budget, take out a certain amount of money when it's gone it's gone... You are spending money cause it makes you FEEL better when your lonely and down. And that's ok your going to have to get out more go to the park,maybe walk for 20min. It will make you feel better. Walk in the mall have lunch in the food court it's a good way to meet people. You sound like a wonderful person, I know it's hard but take it one day at a time it will get better.

Hi Johnburns1,
I will not judge you, I know you are a good person and you have something very special in you.
The first thing you need to know is, you are not alone, there are many people of your age struggling with the same issue.
Now, just how many girls and boys are the most popular ones in class? a few... what about the others? Don't they get a life?
yes it is true that some people are very talented and some are all rounders but aren't there many who are good or just average? don't they get a life?
Moreover, I believe you must be good at something which you are unable to see right now because your vision is clouded by pessimism.
First of all, let me tell you you are special as God himself created you. He will help you but you will have to help yourself, if you keep disliking his creation, why will He bother?
You just need to be optimistic, find out what you really want from life, what profession, what degree etc... Then figure out how to achieve it.
Once you become confident, talking to a girl won't be difficult. And remember "Someone somewhere is made for you" :)
Lastly, whenever you feel like buying anything, just make it a habit to think it over. Control your impulse and take some time... as time passes you will realize it, if you don't need it. You can also plan your budget so that you keep money for important stuff.
Now cheer up :)