Have you ever wondered why there is so much drama in this world. I think it is the worst in high school. There is always drama about who's with you and she said this and he did that. It is just so annoying... I wish people would just grow up!
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I blame Facebook. Keeps an entire generation caught up in that middle school mentality. Thank goodness I was a 90's kid.

Drama is manufactured for people who don't have real lives or real issues to face, to make themselves feel relevant.

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies... It comes from Friends n loved ones...

naomiv . there is some truth to that!

For real.

High school is just the beginning of drama wait until you enter the real world it's full of drama

f@@ yea it is .. it never stops!!! worst drama is at work

Only for females. Us guys drop our baggage after high school. Life ain't a competition. True enough?

nope iv worked with men they can be just as bad!!!

I agree. People who talk about others behind their backs are usually very insecure themselves. When someone talks about someone else to me, my reaction usually is to defend the person or to tell them to talk to them and tell it to their face. There is enough drama in the world, we don't need to add more drama.

Ow, and for your own entertainment, watch this :) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=316AzLYfAzw

So true.

When I get into situations similar to the one you described, I like to use this one word a lot..
There are more important things in this world to be taken care of than worrying about who is with whom currently.

Unfortunately growing up won't fix things. Some people will die as drama queens

well i can say that drama can help a teenager to be mature. they will realize that they just over-reacted situations.

I have wondered that too. Honestly I think drama is worse outside high school, because once people are done with high school its time to outgrow all that and sadly a lot of people don't. It really shouldnt happen anywhere but in HS people are still young so theres going to be a bit of gossiping and what not. :

We were conditioned to be happy.." and they live happily ever after" I think Responsibility is the greatest replacement for that. If we are responsible with our daily lives, happiness follows and oh my Drama queens will be extinct. <br />
<br />
I heard a lot of "poor me" dramas , simply because they just want happiness in their hands w/o working for it. Out of touch from reality. <br />
<br />
Yep, growing up is hard ..but you can be immature forever

Become a loner like me and you'll never see drama again!

yes, iv noticed, more people involved with my life, the more drama

oh really..........

It is the simple fact that humans, as well as all other creatures on this earth are curious by nature. This curiosity arouses many of our emotions too the point of confusion when trying to relate to another's problem(s) in life. When someone has an issue that they cannot resolve, they tend to act out in a manner that most do not understand forcing most in turn to form a prejudiced opinion about that person. We love to call it drama! Drama is nothing but fantasy - not understood - to us because we do not, cannot, or will not truly understand what someone is really going through unless we close our mouths and open our minds when our complete and undivided attention has been sequestered. Drama is nothing more than a sign that someone may need our guidance, our hearts, or our blessings to ensure they are making the right decision about issues that occur in their everyday lives. Drama is nothing more than an emotion, but so much more than just an excuse to look the other way when someone needs our help.

I think people are just bored and find others problems entertaining. People should have their own life instead of obsessing over peoples lives.

Hate drama. it always wreaks friendships and makes things awfull.

karma yep catty women............... i grew up with 6 brothers...... i find it hard to work with women on the job.............. one ***** tried her crap on me........... once i relized that i could not have a civil confrontation with her, <br />
<br />
i told her..................thank you for showing me who you really are........... and i never spoke to her again ! that went on for a year...... then i quit !

one thing that women will do on the job is................................... treat a nice looking woman badly....

or a woman who has a good husband or a husband who brings in good money ,they will also treat her badley bottom line is jealosy.......

when the world stops being so judgemental and the people start minding their own businesses maybe then things will change.

drama only ever gets worse as you get older especially when alcohol is involed

<p>iv been working nearly all my life, every job iv had, there was drama!!! i hate drama ..................for some reason, i seem to be the focal point in many of the jobs iv worked at.... its only matter of time till the dam drama starts towards me ...................</P>

This is why I got out of THAT work force and became my own boss, with no employees. Just me and my clients, and when one of them tried to get all dramatic, I FIRED her. Yeah, she didn't know that I didn't need her. She was one of many clients and easily replaced. She thought she could treat me like she owned me. She was wrong.


How did you become your own boss? i wanna know.. how to start seriously ..before I get bald pulling my hair. I blame it to the fairy tales read to us when we were kids.

what kind of job did u create for ur self grant ?

grant never replyed hmmmm

grant changed their name to serenitree

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But does anyone truly grow up? We always carry that feeling of insecurity around with us, and desire a sense of belonging. Maybe the people causing the drama need attention because they don't feel good about themselves...I dunno..

I find Drama to be at its worst in middle school.. But I totally get where you're coming from.<br />
<br />
Drama is a total waste of time /:

You are so right, KarmaFred. It is everywhere, all the time. But if you don't get caught up in it, rise above it, do something worthwhile, people will follow you and be glad to get out of the drama. Give it a try.

Love and live, because unfortunately, it only gets worse. I worked in a couple of different office environments and it was crazy how catty the women were...I referred it back to immaturity of junior high, worse than high school! Peace, kf