Can't Get Over

I split up with my boyfriend of 7 months almost 5 months ago, I know it wasnt a particularly long relationship but he was the first person I ever loved and I can't seem to get over him. Everywhere I go i am terrified of seeing him because of how awful I feel afterwards, I want to stop wanting him back more than anything and I after such a long time I can't see the point where I will stop liking him. It breaks my heart to think about him being with anyone else and I'm not sure what I would do if I found out he had a new girlfriend. I feel really alone and unloveable like I will never have that connection with anyone again. At the time I believed he was my soulmate because of how similar we were, something that everyone commented on. I don't what happened that caused him to stop loving me, but I just want to know when this awful hurt will go away.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I know your pain. I've felt what your going through. The only difference between me and you is that you actually were able to have that time with the person you loved. I for one never got that opportunity because no one I ever loved felt the same way. I know you're hurting right now and it might for awhile but it does get better eventually. I cant tell you when but it will. If he fell out of love with you, then it was never your fault, you did nothing wrong. Losing the the first person you've loved is hard but that doesnt mean its the last person. What has helped me was to listen to music, maybe you just need something to release your feelings and help you let go. Figure out a way to make the song tell your story and just listen. Cry it out, get angry, or party out the pain. Find something to occupy your time, a sport, a hobby, a job anything that can keep your mind off of him. Don't think of you losing someone, think of him losing someone awesome and wonderful, a one of a kind!