Dear Whoever,

I'm stuck. I have a job that pays minimum wage, yet I only work 32 hours a week and each paycheck barely peaks 300$. That's nothing in the real world and I thought it would be. I have no real friends. I live at my grandmothers house and share a bedroom with my mother and my brother. I can't say what I want to. I can't reveal my tattoos. I can't put up any of my decor, and I can't freely love on my reptiles. I'm judged constantly. I get yelled at for things other people do, i have to pay my grandmother 200$ month for living there, i have to work for her on my time off and now my grandmother wants me to pay to even do laundry. She's supposed to be my family. I can't get an apartment because I can't afford it, the only ones I could afford I can't have because they aren't walking distance from work. I don't drive. I can't afford a vehicle even if I did. I'm stuck. I was going to move in with A coworker. We had everything worked out and I had hope. Yet, I'm not aloud to because of my boss. I'm sad, I want to die, and I want help. Please someone help me. I'm 19 my life isn't supposed to be this bad. I'm not supposed to be this stressed.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Send me a message. I would love to give you all the emotional support I can give.