I Don't Know What I Want Anymore

I had so many dreams. But they disappeared. I am just living now. There aren't happy or sad feelings, just the empty. I have friends, but i can't talk with them about what i really feel. I am alone forever, because i think that no one loves me or cares about me. I am talking about the deep love, that can hurt the heart. I want write or sing or learn play something, but i can't and i don't know why. The only thing I want is sleep and never wake up again...
Dalthina Dalthina
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

don't give up, there is someone or some event that'll happen and you'll be glad that you were awake to see it. i am also going through a rough time but i can't give up. you shouldn't too. i know friends can seem like they might now understand but talk to someone you trust. it helps. i talked to someone way older than me and found we have many things in common. it took such a weight off my shoulders. i feel like this person cares. please don't give up. the world has a place for everyone. you will find yours.

Lets talk I can see that life can be hard and the feeling of not being love is strong ,but ther are meany that will love you and meany that do so right to this plase and just give your thoughts it will help.