Am I A Criminal?


I have never had a girlfriend in my life and have always wanted one but have been rejected always by girls on the pretext that i am not attractive. These thoughts keep flooding my mind whenever i sit idle hoping for some peace of mind.

I have started hating girls in general, earlier whenever i used see couples cuddling and enjoying themselves i felt so happy for them and used to bless them from my heart that they have love, that they have something which i have been a failure to achieve.

Lately i have started to hate these couples and feel like beating them up or hurting them and i sometimes feel like hurting girls when i hear them or see them talking about the guy they love. I know and realize such feelings are criminal but i can not help myself in hating them.
Please help me please i do not want to be a monster i hate myself and i hate what i have started feeling, I know i should be happy for others and i should be helping others but i can not control this hatred that i feel for others.
Help Me.

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You are created by God out of love and you are made perfect in every way possible. God does not make mistakes and you are most certainly not a mistake. Love yourself no matter what. You cannot depend on people to love you. You also cannot depend on other peoples happiness. That is why it is important to love yourself sweetheart and be confident and steadfast in that. You are not ugly and you already know this. When you feel confident in your own skin and you love yourself this will attract people. They will see this in you because it will show up on the outside as well.

Let go of the self hate and self pity. It will do nothing for you believe me. You are very young and have so much more of life to experience for a very long time. Enjoy life and do the things that you have a passion and love for. Do not worry about how others view you and see you. Because at the end of the day their opinions will not matter at all. What will matter most is how you feel about yourself.

all this does not have any effect on me when i see that i have noone and that i will be alone unloved and unwanted why am i alive then i am such a waste a disgrace to my family.

No you are not a disgrace and you know this. Their is more to life than pleasing people, getting married and so forth. When the time is right you will meet the right person. Focus more on what you want to do career wise. What is it you have a passion for? Enjoy life.

Like i heard in the movie " choose your thoughts like you choose your clothes"...easyer sayd than done. Have you thought about getting pro help ?

i do not know what to do, professional help will only get this known to people.

Dear Mr. Winner, you are overwhelmed and insecure. I was there. Even the prettiest people get lonely. Society see's me as "pretty" but I often feel ugly. I was single for many years wondering why it was so hard for me to get a boyfriend. How come no one wants me? Whats wrong with me? Everyone thinks I'm pretty so why am I still single? I didn't have a boyfriend until just last year at 17. All my friends had boyfriends to talk about while I was a 3rd wheel loner. I was even a virgin, I felt I didn't fit in. I was insecure, but as you know, eventually the time came and someone was interested in me. I was very happy. What I'm trying to make you realize is that love takes time, I was chasing it but never caught it, then finally when I stopped and focused on myself (working on my insecurities, shyness, self-hate and so on) love decided to find me. It didn't happen just like that though, it took time. How can you love someone else if you do not love yourself Winner? Why are you choosing to be a loser when you are a winner? Take my advice, go to your local book store (Barnes & Nobles) or library, and check out or buy a book for insecure men. Read it, & keep a journal and highlighter near by. Write down how everything you learn from the book makes you feel. Try to become better. Help yourself by reading and collecting the knowledge to get better. No counselor, psychiatrist, or doctor is needed for this task. Just you and a book. That's what I did for a whole entire summer. "Ask Elizabeth" by Elizabeth Berkley helped me so much and she's part of the reason I'm confident and a strong young lady today (Although I still have my weak moments). I think this is what you need, but the male version. :) With peace & love, your friend - Menty <3 Get better soon!

Hi (^_^)/, i was never insecure i was actually overly confident of myself and my qualities, if you met me in reality at random i am the guy who has the most fun you would never guess this is me inside, this loserwastedlife is not me but it is what i have been feeling since the past year, i am very chilled and have a lot of fun but i am constantly being told that i am ugly and all that, why? when people repeatedly say that it is what is in the inside that matters then when i just go as far as giving even a hint of liking someone i get this reply "have you seen yourself in the mirror?", I am not an insecure man, i do not need any book to make me better because i am the best in every way always have been naturally. But you see when girls tell me thati am ugly and that no one will ever like me or be my girlfriend there is no other way for me other than to doubt myself, maybe i am too ugly to be loved i suppose and that is what depresses me because it is something i can not change about myself.

Your saying one thing but your story screams another. You should make up your mind. You can't be confident and secure if your hating others and envy happy couples. You "doubt yourself"; you doubt the very essence of your confidence. You believed you was a good looking guy, now a few people turn around say your ugly and now your slowly believing them which is depressing you.. Sorry, but your not confident. You feel confused and out of place which is understandable but you can't tell me your confident because if you were, you wouldn't care what others think or say about you and it wouldn't affect you so bad. You say you don't need a book or help at all? Well, your in denial. No one who would read this story would assume your confident.

I have read this and to reply to you is this, I think you are interesting, and yes I would like to be friends with you, but my question is, Are you willing to be friends with me, A female to male transgender person

i would like to be friends with you no problem it is okay at least you are doing what makes you happy.

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