I Need Someone

I have many friends,i am not a lonely girl but i really think of someone    to whom i can tell my problems ,he she should be  much more experienced  than me so that i can learn something about life or i can get advise,solutions of my problems.
I don't tell everything  to my friends   even to my best friend.
BinteEshrat BinteEshrat
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I will be very happy to be that friend if you think I am eligible for this position ;)

I am very smart in this situation.i never let u know i am asking something from u....lolz..yes u of course.....:p

Aapi I am hiring u, but i cannot pay u fee,:
Ami pocket money km detin hain...lolz.......

fees to mei decide kerun ge lols

At your service 24 hours :)

thats really sweet of u......... :)
mein tung bhi buht kroongi.......:p soch lein

Soch lia :)

I have a younger sis so I have lots of stamina to deal with youngers ;)

hahaha........ kia aap ki behn aapko buht tung krtin hai? meri choti behne hain ...wo bhi 2.....:p

Meri behn mujh sy her waqt penga laiti thi laikin phir bhe hum dono sub sy close hain :-)

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