I Wish I Had Someone Close

Everyone I love to spend time with and talk to lives thousands of miles away from me. I have no one to spend time with or to talk to. I have made so many friends here, and I even live with my boyfriend. But I still feel so utterly alone and empty and sad. I wish I was capable of acting normal with people, but I have been alone for so long, physically and mentally that I don't know.how to act with people sometimes. I wish I had real friends. Ones who understood me.
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I must say that you remind me of someone! Very beautiful from deep within oneself! As equally beautiful on the outside. I hear your many cries in such a short story... Takes a whole lot of power from within to be able to feel the way you do. You have such potential to be who you want to be in life. And don't let anyone stop you for being you! I lived a life of solitude and loneliness for too many years. It is hard to make a good friend close by, so we may be able to hold and smile with... Tell our many secrets too. Hold onto your childhood dreams! Any dream for that matter. Cause Baby girl! When one door closes! Another one has opened for us. It's for us to look harder at the opened door that is waiting our new adventures... We need not fear! As fear, fears itself! I am me! And proud to be... Always thinking Ti.xo

You should mail me i have a story i believe you may like let's just say it goes along with having a online friend who is my best friend

I know that feeling all too well. I'm here if you need someone to talk. :)

Hey:] thanks for the comment. I'm here too:]

Aww :( i would hang out with u if i was close.

There are so many nice people I wish I could hang out with:/ lol

I think,Its modern world's problem.Lots of people are alone and want to find friend who closer. Maybe,we must forget our ego and, we may feel real love,Humanity.. whatever you are doesn't important,important thing is humanity.. We are really close each other. How do able to say that? I just know that: We are human. All of us are human,we are not different.. I hope you don' feel bored feel reading my post, I have just written something.

i know the feeling well :/ i'm here to talk though if you want

I had told that my self too. "I wish I had someone close" then it hit me, I never try to get anyone close before.

Why not ??

I had squandered my friends before :P
but I learned my lesson I keep them closer now :)

Thats the tucker...its just hard sometimes connecting with friends..

Just don't hesitate to communicate with them again or you'll find you asking yourself "where did my friends go?"

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I'll talk to you any time:). I know how you feel. When I feel super lonely, I go to my local book store/library and leave little encouraging notes to people. Even though you'll never know their reactions, it still helps me feel not so alone.
Also, write as much as you can. Go out and read some good poetry. That'll help with loneliness too. I totally recommend T. S. Elliot and Andrea Gibson.

Oh my gosh. You do that too ?! I love leaving notes for people. I also wrote notes and quotes on money lol.
I'll totally check them out, thank you :P

You're welcome:)..I'll start doing the money thing lol.

Its just a fun little thing to do:P

i read terry goodkind currently. but ibraries and book stores are a great way to cheer up

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exactly how i feel....

If you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me

I know exactly how you feel. Reading your words made me want to cry because it was like those were my words and my feelings. I'm miles away from anyone that I know and love too.

If you ever want to talk you can message me..I love to help people and I know.from experience it really helps yourself too.