If I Were A Boy

I sometimes wish i were a different person. And sometimes i wish i were a boy. I would hit on girls easier and wouldn't have to wear make-up when my skin looks pale besides nobody would say to me that ''Are you ill? You look very pale.'' Cause i'm a man. I wouldn't have to shave my legs when it's cold. There wouldn't be pms in my world. My boy friends wouldn't tell me that i'm exaggerating and how bad it could be. I would definitely grow a beard! lol And i always want to know how it feels like while erectiion.
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5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

dear lazy girl...

what a nice wish you do.... but you must think about the negative of being a boy

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Each gender has its downsides. For instance if you are a shy male your chances of having a girlfriend drop exponentially. You have to be lucky enough to be in a group with girls who are already in it. Then pray one of them sees you in a potential mating light.

You would lose your "get out of being a *****" card because you no longer have PMS. If you have a bad day and yell at someone. Well there is no hormonal imbalance to blame it on and you always look like an *******.

Being a male being a female, you just need to learn to live with the cards you have been dealt.

The advantage of EP is that we're all anonimous. I'm probably thousands of miles from you. We can talk about anything you like whenever you wish or not at all. Your call

Hey your not the only one, there were times too when I wished that I could be a boy. A full blooded boy and not a CD, I know you have to be careful what you wish for but in this case I don't care, let it happen lol.

be careful what you wish :)
as a man you always have to be the strong part in the society. crying in public is just a disaster. as a girl you can wear revealing clothes and every man thinks "wow she's hot". if you do the same thing as a man "you are gay". and as a girl you can get horny without major changes of your body. as a man you get quiet easily an erection sometimes and it's hard to hide which can be very embarrassing. as a girl you got thousands of erogenous zones. as a man you got just one.
i mean, come on, you're a girl, you're the queen, you rule the world! :) why change? :)

and i can tell you how an erection feels. as it starts to swell, it tingles and the more you stroke it the more it tingles and after a while the feeling becomes so strong that you just *** and then you can't take it any further cause it's starting to hurt. so you have to give it a break. and the climax varies from satisfyingly to losing your consciousness for a few seconds. i guess it's pretty much the same with a vagina, only the vagina feeling might be more inside and the penis feeling is more outside of your body.