Need Someone To Hear Me Out

For me it's been really hard ever since my best friend and I aren't friends anymore... Back in August we were enjoying life and spending time together almost like brothers! I enjoyed the last couple of days we had before school started, but then he decided to run away from his house. I didn't know anything until three days later when his mom asked me if I knew anything about him and obviously I didn't. I felt such a worry inside me, thinking of the worst thing that happened, he was already dealing with so much bullshit from his parents plus is girlfriend broke up with him which caused him to have suicide thoughts. He attempted suicide before and if I hadn't walked into his room or if I was late he would of been dead by now.... I message him through Facebook, texted him, and also called him but no answer. Days passed he finally answers one of my messages saying "bye" no explanation, not even a simple, "don't worry about me I'm fine I'll explain everything later." It became such a a pain not knowing anything about my best friend the one person who has been there for me. September came and I saw him for the first time, all changed he wasn't himself anymore, in a way I felt like he wasn't my friend he was. Not even a week passed and he started talking a bunch of bullshit about me saying I wasn't a good friend, that I took advantage of him, and that I even used him for my benefits! I got pissed off, but I have a big heart so I decided to talk to him and ask him why he was saying all those stuff about me. He answered, "I ain't saying anything about you don't listen to them" of course I believe him and gave him another chance.... Two weeks passed and again he started talking a bunch of **** but this time it was different. People brought proof to me, this time he started saying a was a *****, a piece of **** that only cares for himself, and a gay *** *****, ect. By this time my anger was so much that I send him a message saying, "***** u better watch your ******* back cause I'm done dealing with your bullshit." He answers saying, "do something ***** I'll be waiting." That was the last time I talked to him. Next day, I decided to walk to his school and start a fight with him. I found him and the fight started.... I never expected this to happen ever in life. Now we don't even talk we can't see eye to eye cause his hatred against me is big and he's not gonna forgive me any time soon. I just need some advice, I need someone I can trust and talk to cause to be honest I can't let go of the friendship we me and him had.
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Your friend sounds like he's living in his own world now. When people go through difficult times, they deal with it in their own way. Since he wasn't happy with his life before, he's probably trying to find a new place in the world. You may be a reminder of the old life he wants to escape. Either that or he is taking his anger/pain out on you because he thinks you will just accept it. (being how close you guys were). I would attempt to get together and let him know you still care. At least, you will know you left that door opened for him. Other than that, give him time. It's up to him. In the meantime, try to ignore all the crap he says about you. Looking for him to fight is just gonna add more feul to the flame. I hope he comes around.

Yeah he's in his own world at this point I also found out that he got back with his ex girlfriend, but at this point I really don't care what he does. The only thing that worries me is that he's being way too cocky and sooner or later he's gonna get into serious problems and I can't do anything to prevent it. Well thanks for your advice and it did help :)

Thank you for sharing your story. I think your friend has turned on you. He's trying to redefine himself, to make a new life. Please be kind to yourself and let him go. He's not a friend anymore. You will make new friends, and heal from this pain. Good wishes your way...

My girlfriend and my another one of my close friends said the same thing that I should let go cause he's not the same anymore. And also thanks for the advice :)