My Life Is Doomed!!!

My world started to fall apart when...... "He" showed up. Everything was great.... for awhile. Then after 8 months things started to go down hill. We went to a party I had a soda. And the collased. Wen I woke up he rapped me. I got pregnant. Then 4 or 5 months later he came to my house rapped me again and my little sister. I lost my twins. Then earlyier this week I tried to kill myself. I was still in the hospital though so that failed. Yesterday I was diagosed with PTSD and major dipression. I am unwell. My parents have put me in foster care, or will be as soon as I get out of the hospital.

But, let's go back to when it all began.
I was 6 when my dad started to molest me. I was little so I didn't know it was wrong. I diddnt know tounge kisses from your dad was wrong. I diddnt know that the way he tuothed me was bad. He did things I don't care to mention. But, that's where my lonelyness started.
But, now I just want someone to love me. Because no one ever has. I just want to love and be trust and be trusted.
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The pain u shared is going to bring such greatness in your life!! So be strong and hang in there!!!

How can I stay strong if there is no hope. No peace. No loe. No life. I have nothing, no one. I am alone!

Your not alone okay

I know now I am not alone, nor have I ever been. I was just to blind to see it.

Aww its okay

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I have none people with a problem like this and those bad thoughts of what happen I am afraid they are never going to go away but you have to pick if you want them to hurt you being happy is a very easy thing to do I can make myself happy by seeing the sun rise but people often times when they are going through a hard time they look for a person to love but I believe that's not the best way to do it because you will get close to that person and you will learn to be better and happy with that person and when he is gone your going to feel that pain again if I was you I will focus on getting better on my own maybe meeting new friends finding a hobby anything that you like