The Set Up

No pretty poetry today. So I was craving attention and decided to meet him for lunch and take him out. I know better than to surprise him- not that stupid. I called first and he seemed excited that I wanted to take him out and told me to meet him at 1. So I put on the skinny jeans, cute orange shirt with the matching wedges and was there 5 min til. He waved me around to the back before I could make it to the front door and asked me to wait for him at the gas station. ??????? Really? He said that he would meet me there in 5 to 10 min so I walked over and waited. 20 minutes went by and my head starts spinning with questions. I called him and he said that he was wrapping up and would be there in just a min. 20 more minutes went by and a strange guy walks up to me. "Hey, you waiting for Mr. Right?" My face must have fallen, "Feels like I'm waiting for Mr. Wrong." The guy walked off and that all too familar lump swells up in my chest. I called him back and he gave me some retarded excuse and asks me to wait on him. I walked to the bus stop heart broken. How could he leave me there for almost an hour? Why wouldn't he invite me in to sit in the lobby comfortably? How much of a fool was I? He calls me to say that he was on his way after I had been sitting at the bus stop for about 10 minutes and I hung up in his face. He pulled up behind me and told me to get in. I shook my head and turned away from him. Why would I get in the car and listen to all the excuses? He pulled off and it was like something inside me broke. There are no tears. There is pain, but I just can't let myself cry. There is no need.
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Hugs sweety, you deserve better then that.

Oh god, how awful. I am so sorry to hear. What a *****. He should never have done that to you. I hope he comes home tonight and tries to make it up to you. Otherwise, next time you surprise him, go wait directly in the lobby until he gets his a** out there. Unless his boss has a problem with that. But sorry to hear your pain. Don't stay home waiting, go and pamper yourself whether it be get your hair or nails done. Don't let him effect you that way. Take care, and remember ultimately you are working on yourself right now and doing a great job. Don't let him take that from you.