Hello? Is Anyone There?

Strange writing my feelings other then in my journal. You think you grow up get married have kids and you would act like a grown up! But I am the same weak and sad. I feel alone in this world. I have a family they are good people, but I just don't have anyone I can talk to about how I feel. Either they will not understand or it will be like just get your act togather. I'm hoping I would find friends here that are like me. I don't understand what really is wrong with me? I hoped that my husband would fill this hole, but it is too much to ask of someone. Maybe someone here has advice. Maybe making friends here will help me. I have no tragic story. Just as long as I can remember I have felt alone, like no one ever trully understood me. I think a lot about how many years I still have to stay in this world. To me death will either bring eternal peace or just an end. Either way no longer will I feel alone. Thank you for listening.
Ouat Ouat
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

What do you need to talk about?

i'm still 8 inside -.-'

Dear, I will be your friend. :)

I married and feel the same way too! Maybe I can help you, what is it? :) I know I'm young, but I've been told I'm wise beyond my yeats