To Love Is To "fight" (i Love My Brother So Much)

I was shattered by the news that i have heard this afternoon. My cousin informed me that my brother was mistreated and was mocked by my relatives who resides behind our house. Me and my brother are orphans so we dont have any parents to fight and protect us to those people that would hurt us. My brother is a kind of person who is very weak (inside) but i never blamed him for being like that, he was dependent on me (even if he is the eldest) He cannot stand on his own...yes despite this negative traits that my brother has He still deserves to be treated equally and with respect. It came to my knowledged that my aunt was mocking my brothers back (maybe because he doesnt have enough money?or maybe she cannot juice anything from my brother) and shows him unmannered gestures and other disrespectful act. I was really really hurts me the though that my brother was not getting some due respect to them, well in fact he doesnt mistreated anyone. I feel crushed and deeply hurt. I really love my brother and I want to show to them that my brother deserves to be treated well and deserves to be respected.

I hardly cant bear the pain, the lost, the mistreatment and everything that happens to me for the past years and days. How I long for my parents to be at myside but what can i do? they are now gone...gone like the wind that once blowns in a lonely desert. If only God can let me touch and feel the hug of my parents even for a second then i guess it will suffice all the hurts that i am feeling right now.

and to my brother, I love you....
you are the only one now left for me
you are the reason why should I keep moving and keep on reaching my goals
you are the half of my life anf because of you i will do everything and sacrifice everything for you and for us...

I love you bro, and I will stand by your side till my last breath..
theladyfreak theladyfreak
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2013