Why Doesn't He Care

Last year this guy (I should call him John) from my college came up to me and since then we have been talking. I really started to like him so a few months ago he asked me out for a date. Since now we have been on 8 dates, he knows im going crazy for him. I've never had a boyfriend, I actually never dated someone besides him!
What really bothers me is that he has never told me that he likes me. It was just 1 time that he said: You know i always say im crazy, but im crazy about you. When i told him i liked him aftr that our conversation about that ended. We always message, there have been times that he doesnt messag me for 2/3 days. Now on his status he has wrote: You dont know how i feel about you.
I really dont know what to think of this guy. Is he referring to me? What does he want from me? Im starting to assume that im not good enough for him, or that i may come over as clingy towards him and maybe he has been dating someone else and he is referring to that someone with his status..
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013