I Feel So Down

I have had a really horrible 12 months and don't have anyone to talk to I do have a partner, but he makes me feel worse about myself. Is it too much just to be happy for a while? My daughter has a rare genetic disorder, it's not too bad she can't walk to far and has problems with her school work, all I want is her to be happy unfortunately the education system doesn't work like that and heaps pressure to do well. My partner is self employed and has no work so we have not much money coming in and he is sitting round the house all day doing nothing instead of trying to help me a bit. My brother died in April he was only 46 my mum and dad understandably have fallen apart so I try to keep together for them, but I can't anymore i have no one to talk to so I feel like I am going out of my mind. To top it all my partner says he is going to leave me I am not even sure wether I care or not I just don't know anymore
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

What it seems like to me it that you're building up a barrier toward your partner by saying you "dont even care anymore". Most likely because you're afraid of getting hurt. Of course you care. Im assuming your living with them and even if you may want to deny it, your partner is a part of you life. If at all try to make it work. I doubt breaking apart from them would be good for your daughter either. My advice, if you want it, would be to try to make it work, however this is not a one sided thing. Your partner needs to try as well. If you truly care, and they cared at some point as well, you two owe it to each other to try one more time. If you both try full out and things still dont work, that is when i would say things are probably not going to get better. The best thing then is to end it, but give yourselves one more chance before you do anything of the sort.