3 Days.

Only three days left. To talk to him. To look at him. To sneak out and have a cigarette together. To eat together. Just to see him around...
My heart is not broken that he is engaged, that he is getting married in month. I'm happy for him because I love him. My love is not selfish. I wouldn't even want him to be with me. Honestly.
Why do I love him? Because he talks to me. He sees in me more than other people can see. He can tell what I am doing when I don't even realize that. He makes me feel comfortable when I'm not. It's not about physical stuff. It's not about wanting him sexually. I just love him because he respects me so much. He showed me how real man should be. He showed me how the lady should be treated like.
But my heart is broken because he is walking away from my life for good. I won't see him anymore. I won't hear his voice anymore. He won't give me advises like he used to. My working days won't be the same. I know it. And he knows it. All I want is to hug him on his last day, wish him the best in life. It doesn't even matter if I'm gonna cry. I just want an opportunity to say my goodbye without other people around.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

You'll be alright. stay strong. you should never feel ashamed to cry infront of someone and i admire you for your strong will. if you ever need anyone to talk to i can't promise ill be as good as this person you've just told me about, but if you ever need it. Ill be here to listen and try to help as much as i can :)