Family Drama

So to understand my question I must tell a bit about my life story. 

Three years ago I found out I was pregnant at 18. My parents and I havent communicated well because they create unwanted drama which makes me a very closed person. Anyways I told them and they were really disappointed and let down which I can understand, but my mom would repeatedly call me names and yell at me. So because of that it put an even bigger strain on our relationship and I couldn't help but have anger towards them. 
When I had my son my mom talked me into adoption and said it would be best because I need to make a life for myself. So I signed off my rights. 
Then four months later I became pregnant again after a condom broke, by the same guy. I told my parents again and they had nothing good to say and still called me names. That's when I decided to keep a distance from them because it was more stress to talk to them. So I then had my second son and decided to raise him with his dad without my parents involved. I soon became a stay at home mom but things got rocky and he became abusive. In feeling like I had no other choice with no job or a safe living place I adopted my son out to the same family with my first son. As difficult as both choices were I would never change it because they have loving parents and everything they could need financially. 
Soon after the adoption I broke things off with the dad and decided to focus on me. I have worked the same job since I was 18 except the months I was a stay at home mom. I've started school and got a second job.
And now a year and a half later...... Im pregnant again. I had unprotected sex one time with a friend that I've known since I was 16. Two days after having sex I took the plan b pill but it failed.
I know the dad will support and raise his child and he's very stable. I know adoption is OUT of the question this time and because of my stability I know I can give baby everything. The thing is I don't want to tell my family at all. I feel like they don't deserve to know because of the way they've treated me. I know I made mistakes but calling me names doesn't make me want to have a relationship with them. I plan to move in a couple months for a better job and schooling but by that time I'll be showing and my family might ask questions. Should I ignore them or tell them but don't answer questions? Or should I try to hide it the best I can? Oh and I've tried talking through our relationship but they are so stubborn and refuse to think that things are rocky between us.
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Jan 23, 2013