Gay Confused And Afraid To Love Again

So i met him 2 years ago and we basically grew on each other, however we were in a distant relationship even thou he is originally from my country but he said he visited like once year as he left for another country to gt a job....i was skeptic about dating him knowing the distance but he won his way into my heart and i did fall deep... the problem now is that about 8 months into the relationship i found out he was not a gay man but a bisexual and was married however i do not date "bi guys" as i could not manage that emotionally...i however bend my personal rules to date him despite my crying and worrying for many nights that one day he'd stop loving me for her. he eventually came home to visit is home country and was here for 1 month, and through out the time he was here he was so caught up with friends that he did not get to see me not spent time with me on the phone.....until he returned homed, we continued to have a roller coaster relationship until i the number of messages exchanged between us on a daily basis was rapidly decreasing especially by the 1st year of the relationship it fell from 80-100 messages per day to 9-10 per week... not to brag or anything but i'm a person who requires some attention at lease the average amount but after wards things got even worst sometimes it went up from days to weeks nearing a month since i have not heard from him so of course that caused some emotional scaring and tears from me... after i spoke to him things got back to the 9 messages a week which was like heaven for me now e also told me was a certain age and on fathers day i discovered that he had a child when i met him he said he was free singled and disengaged, do not have a problem with children as i love kids but what hurt as the fact that he lied to me and he made me have to find out these things instead of telling me from the start. it caused me to break up with him...we however reconnected and spoke as friends about 3-4 months after the break up but now hes saying he wants to make things right and is apologizing..what am i to do now? im really scared but im really attached to him as we did fun stuff together and grew on each other but im scared that he's got more things hiding that will just extremely hurt me as he was my first gay love.
Ramon20 Ramon20
18-21, M
Jan 23, 2013