She Is My Best Friend.

back story:
we have been best friends since Oct. 1992. I moved away in 1999 and she has moved away a few times as well. Now we live in the same state and town and have since 2009, when I returned.

recently we had this exact text-versation, I was still at work nearing the end of my work day.

her:Question??Do you think you are attracted to unstable men?

me: no
me: Not at all

her: really? Brian committed suicide...Dannie tried to twice and Rob's in the psych ward? just a thought. I do not have a similar pattern

me: after me after me after me. So yeah really! (I am angry by now)

Her: true but I doubt their issues started all after you

me:ok (I am done at this point)

her:like I said, it's just a thought

more back story: Brian was my first love and 6 years after we broke up we were both married and not in contact. he took his life. Dannie was my husband and he tried to kill himself 3 months after he left the home and again more recently. I was no longer with him. And Rob was an ex boyfriend from three years ago who went to the psych ward after many traumatic event occurred back to back in his life. he stayed 6 days.

her words hurt me to the core and I cried. she has no sensitivity. I also dated several men who after me went to be in successful relationships, even got married.... can I be the cause of that or linked to it? no.

Every friend I tell about this has thought I was right to be offended. What do you think?
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Jan 23, 2013