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My Life..Ish

Well I'm 14yrs young and not happy... I make it look like I'm happy but Im really not... I cut I have suicidal thoughts.. I need someone to talk to..
Abbygirl62 Abbygirl62 13-15, F 11 Responses Feb 1, 2013

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Whenever i feel down I make myself feel so down I feel up(reverse).
Also try watching movies about very tragic heroes(I recommend: Looper(if you've watched it b4 watch it again))

Just remember you are only 14 and it is hardest time in life. Everything seems to be crushing down on you and you pressured to hide your true feelings. Don't always be happy you don't have to be and let people see you and not your happy side all the time. At my age you look back when you teenage thinking oh my god how serious that time of my life seemed and how doesn't matter when you get older but I know it is hard at your age to believe that. Be unhappy when you feel like it.

feel free to talk to me maybe i can help you to,,, i'm helping my lil brothers girlfriend aswell lol donLt tell him he cant know about her problems

u can talk to me. yeah on my profile it says that i'm in my 20s that was an accident. but talk 2 me anytime.

I think you and me can relate, if you need something just message me. I have the same thoughts and im only 13.

The things that make you feel this way are generally your frustrations. Remember the "cool" people are probably not cool. I remember being sad because i was bullied, well all those loser girls who did that have been knocked up as teens, with guys in drugs or in jail, and they are broker and scummy. I wish i knew how much better I was so I could have stood up for myself. Now i know. I hope you know!! If bullying is an issue.

People are mean because they want what you have, plain and simple. Remember your special, and unique and if we were all the same life would be boring and filled with dumb people.

Your beautiful, I believe you are an artist crying to be released you should focus your energy on something you will be amazed at how talented and special you are!

I have been there. i used to feel suicidal at your age. I promise you, things will be better with years. i look back at that time when I was so sad, and now i would care less.

Why are you sad? i want to help.

I have something for you to watch

message me if you want to talk

Got something here for you gurl.....(her name is Cassandra)

Because you are young....
Believe it or not you are loved.....
You are beautiful....inside and out....
And have an amazing future.

U r so young, with so much life and experiences ahead of u. To think about doing something so extreme, talk to someone it isnt worth it for u, family or friends, I KNOW