Need Someone To Tell Me I'M Worth Sticking Around

i have no clue what to do anymore...anyone i've ever gotten close to write me off cause they get caught up in their own lives, not saying that's wrong but i never wrote ppl off just cause i'm doing things in my own life. this one person i had in my life for almost 8 years, we got intimate once and then he just wrote me off cause i cudn't see him when he wanted and when i cud, he wud say he didn't have the time. now i keep having dreams about him when i don't want to. if no one can make the time for me, why am i making time to dream about em?
worryer worryer
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 1, 2013

You ARE a worthwhile person, dear. Take it from an older gentleman. Life is not supposed to be happy ever after. It takes work. Hard work to get through life. There is a difference between solitude and loneliness. It is attitude. Many get active helping others when they have a deep need inside. Giving kindness and being kind to others has a very peaceful reward of its own. If I may be so bold, whenever you start to feel needy deep inside, that's your personal bell to go help someone. Soon you'll be dreaming not about someone to make yourself feel good, but you'll be dreaming how good you felt about helping someone else.

thank you for ur kind words, i will try to keep that in mind. next question is how do i help someone else when i feel like i cant help myself?

Helping someone else takes some of the burden off. I don't know how- it just works. Try doing something little- smiling and holding the door open for someone at the post office. Somehow helping others lightens the heavy load.

The best way to get plugged into helping others? Go to a local Food Bank where they receive donations to give to the poor. They are forever short staffed and need folks to help them sort cans of food, dry goods, and everything from diapers to tissues to toothpaste and toothbrushes. Just call ahead and find out who you need to make contact with in order to be put to work. I also love doing gardening/painting/handyman stuff for local women's shelters. Women there always need sowing, mending and (oh no!) ironing. Hang in there worryer.