i have my daughter and 3 grandchildren living with me. She is being paid benefits and I am on workcover the problem is she treats me terribly i am paying all the bills and look after the children if she wants to go anywhere. I dont know what to do
5 years ago I asked my daughter and son in law to move in with me  at that time they had 1 child. Things were great for 12 myhs but the house was too small for us all so I asked them to buy a larger house with me, but the son in law didnt want to put his name on a mortgage so I sold my house and bought a 7 bedroom one by this tiem chikld 2 had come along. First 6 mths were good but then he didnt want to part with his money to pay bills and rent etc. When my daughter and I went shopping it took hime 2 weks to pay me for the shopping. After 18 mths I asked them to move out and I tried to sell the house and get a smaller one for myself.nfortunately it was not the right time to sell so we talked about it and he said that he would take a mortgage out to buy the house in all of our names but that he would pay the mortgage but this time child 3 had come along. This arrangement was ok but he was late in paying bills every bill was a red letter which really caused me a lot of grief.  Then almost 2 years had past and he was abusing my daughter financially and verbally so she told him the marriage was over it took him a month to leave and then she finds out that child 4 is on the way. 4 months later I feel very used and lonely if it were not for my grandchildren I might as well not be here. What do I do????? any ideas please
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Feb 2, 2013