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I Need Someone To Support Me

i've been through so many bad things in my life , painful things and i'm only 13!!!
thinking about a better future is helpful , i want to succede in life ! to be what i want to be ! not what my parents want me to be !
whenever i tell them about my hopes and dreams , they laugh at me and mock me :(
there is no onw to support me ! they keep telling me i have an ugly nose and that i look like a stick (i never dared to tell them that i have eating disorder)
i want to move out and never see them again !!! i hate them !!!
they laugh about everything that i do , and i get really sad !!!
i hope that it'll all change !
deppresedteen deppresedteen 13-15, F 3 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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hi :),
please do not beg for support in your life ever and fight for your life yourself, this will make you as strong as a superhero and no one ever will have the courage to stand up to a hero like you to mock you or anything. How can you trust anyone here to actually support you, maybe they will try to molest you so just try to relax and make a happy world for yourself. For the next month do only things which make you happy, or do the things which will eventually make you happy.

There is something wrong with them if they mock you and laugh at you. Just remember- there are people out there who will not laugh at you and mock you. Find adults you can trust who understand. I understand. I went through it too.

Dont listen to them..follow your dreams!