Since yesterday I've got a boyfriend. We met online but never in real life. He lives in Africa and I live in Europe. I feel guilty because he told me how much he meant to me and hoe he loved me and all that stuff but I don't really feel that way, a bit maybe but not enough. But then yesterday out of the blue I said to him, so, are you my boyfriend now? And he of course said yes. But I don't want it! I said it because I feel sad for him, because he's got a tough life there and I wanted to help him and now he's suddenly my boyfriend and everyone knows! I don't feel happy about it at all, I'm not sure what to do.
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And he could be telling you lies. Did he send you a photo? Tell you his age?

Yeah, we skyped a lot.

Poor African Teens or whoever he pretends to be, do not...DO NOT have a computer.
He is not who he says he is. Trust me here. And whatever you do..DO NOT send him any money.

I know that, but he works in an internet cafe. And I will not send him money.