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Why Ask If You Don'T Care

You know what I will never understand, is how people continuously ask you what is wrong and be all sweet and kind toward you telling you that you can tell finally work up enough courage to tell them because you don't know you much longer you can hold it in for and when you do there immediate response is you should see a doctor... Have had this happen to me so many times.. Seriously it's so stupid of course I get where they are coming from but I tell them because I want a friend, someone who cares.. Not a doctor who is going to tell me what I already no and be a sweet and kind because that is what they get paid to do.. Anyone else have this happen??
wishitwouldend wishitwouldend 16-17, F 3 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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I know how you feel.

to be brushed off when you are trying to reach out to this is quite painful. BUT, there are some of us who do care. it's up to you to find them though. could be closer than you think.

hi :),
the thing is and the truth is that most people ,by this i mean almost all say things that they do not mean, their niceness and kindness is just a fake cover up. Most people do good things just cover up their bad deeds. This is the truth of life, now that you know stop expecting anything from anyone and get a pet dog or a cat. People want and make friends to be happy no one will make friends to help anyone so if you want to talk you can talk to me .

Yea that's what I think..

Thank you that's nice of you but I'm always open to peoples opinion and conversation at anytime I just don't get why people always suggest seeing a doctor.. Are they afraid of showing people compassion or is it just something about me. I dunno