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Anybody Want To Be Skype Friends?

For times we can't sleep, need someone to rant to, vent to, or when we simply need to reach out to someone. A few things about me: I'm female, 18, live in the US. I could list my interests and the likes, but who cares. I'm a pretty decent person who's willing to talk to you. Please be willing to talk to me :(
Comment or message me with your skype.
missandri missandri 18-21, F 47 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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Nick WhatsHisFace... I'm pretty chill, bored all the time and easy to talk to.

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Hi, id like to be friends id: technomage101

Hey i like to be friends id atx2036


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hi .. i can be your buddy .... i am 17 years old boy ... like you ...we can talk simple stuff.. and don't worry because i am a good l look forwards to it .... joyallall11 is my skype a friend

littlebigtom1 add me

llamaxcass is mine you can add me if you'd like ^.^


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Hi I'm Logan. I like anime, wired things (which is a lot of things cause in my opinion there's really no such thing as normal), I love food and I'm pretty eccentric (I think I'm using that right). Pick me! tepteppin


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Spikeslade is my username I'm a nice guy that isnt looking for any thing except someone I can talk to be myself with enjoy express how my days sometimes just suck or just let out a good rant and rave and sometimes talk for long hours to I'm also a poet and I use my poetry to trust a lot of things that happen in my life and I'm trying to just make new friends

add me: hisamios1

add me, melted_welly

Sure username is ShadowOmen add me

Hello please add me lets chat : ace wise

skype: amsius3

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skype name = cj49play

I'm here.<br />
Skype name jonathan.kirkland2011

Add Jacob Olsson
skypename bybock
I'm from Sweden


Add Greg Armstrong
It will be an anime pic
I'll talk to you

Hey i don't have a lot to offer but I offer all I do I will help with your problems, talk u through your sorrows stop your boardom and take in your anger. You can yell I'll understand u can cry I'll be the man. Skype me: aidannaruto1

you can call me now Im from Puerto Rico

hey my Skype is tj.marrone1 add me when you want just leave a note about this site so i know i should accept you

Im here now irish man 47 talk only.