Where Do I Go From Here

I was born in a small town and came from a large family, my dream was to move to the big city and find a career that I loved and become successful. After I graduated from High School I packed my bags and took off!! Life was really great for many years, I never had children, because when I was 16 my brother was killed in the most tragic and live changing way. I realized then that the most important thing in your life could be taken away in a heartbeat! Around my 45th birthday everything just fell apart, my business couldn’t survive the fallen economy, I had to sell off what was left of my business and begin the task of starting all over. I woke up one morning and found myself alone without any children and scared.
Missanni Missanni
46-50, F
4 Responses Feb 7, 2013

I'm in highschool right now . and i was planning to do similar to what you did after i graduate. I my opinion since i'm almost at the point about doing what your doing is the you should start thinking of the future not the past. sure ur restarting and that's a good thing. If u fail something you can always stand straight and start again. there is nothing wrong about this. Missanni i have a question should i stay with my plan of moving away after highschool or not ? I just want your opinion if thats ok.

Win some lose some, you were just fine without children before this. Why not find another way to occupy yourself?

Suddenly we look up and we are older. It can be a bit of a shock. I understand.

Yes, I have friends and family, I just don't want them to feel bad for me.