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Not That Important

I just need someone to talk too I understand there are people that are going through a tougher time than me. I just need someone's advice or knowledge on my situation. I am currently enrolled in high school and have plans to making it to university. I am not the brightest student however i pride myself on my work ethic and perseverance. My mark are for semster one: accounting 88 %, international 88%, and economics 87%, the problem come at my adv function mark 71%. I did not slack off at all i tired everything I could to make my adv function mark at least 75 % so i can at least what a university requires. I went after school for help, i did all my homework, and ask question regularly in class. I wanted to redo this subject however it was full, night school as well. I talk to everyone in power and all i got was they had to be fair. I honestly do not get how is it fair that i worked so hard day in and day out and i just needed 4 % more and life just ***** on me. The worse fact is im not that rich either my parent just make enough to meet daily needs. I need to go to university and help out my parent and give them a better life they work so hard and i feel worthless that i can go to university i love knowledge and want to further myself so i can help my parent. Im so lost and confused i honestly dont know what i can do atm.... please someone give me advice
xhellz xhellz 16-17 3 Responses Feb 20, 2013

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I really appreciate it hopefully i can talk to the administrative staff and ask them once more for that 4 % I thank you for your feed back restores some faith in me thank you

Its beautiful to hear that your doing that well in scbool, with those grades you need to be proud of your self, where there is a will there is a way. I commend you for wanting to take care of your parents, wanting to get into a good uni, don't give up! Have faith. It will all work out.

I'm sorry for your situation, unfortunately I don't know how to help. I hope that you strong and keep working in your goal to get to uni and help your parent. There must be a way!