I just got done with onw of my final exams and man... wow... But yea I have one more tommorow and that is math... OMG... I hate tommorow its the last day of school and I always cry that day.... So do my friends but I get to see them next year and some a couple times of the year so yea it you wanna talk then i am here to listen cuz right now I aint got nothing better to do. PLUS my birthday is in 8 days!
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Hi, I would love to be your friend.

You are good my depression started so early thank to my own mom, that I have a 10th grade education. While my mom had my light skinened sister with her there was no room for me. I woke up with my godfathers hand in my panties on my period at 14. My mom did not believe me until the other person said that he asked him to come with him. That he been doing it since me and my sister was babies. At 42 now I've been told some things that hurts to the core my dad my everything that paid me extra attention may have been doing it to me too. Both my parent and all of my grands are gone.lost 4 month old baby my little love bug october 17. The pain never stops, so why do I still have the ability to give and love? I have tried suicide so many times, the first at14 when he did that. When will the pain end? Am I too nice? Was I put on this earth to hurt forever? When will god give me prosperance? Sometimes I question why am I here?

i smoke when im stressed but i shouldnt

Depends on what you smokin lol.

No, you shouldn't smoking is a bad habit, especially when you are under age.

Y is life so hard I hate it when I feel like theres nothing but I have two girls that make me so sad

Think of it this way, if it wasn't for the girls you would feel there is nothing to live for. Just make sure they never feel the pain you feel. That my darling is you lifeline and purpose in this world. I know it's hard to give and not receive, but nothing will feel better than giving those girls what you missed out on. Don't let'em see you sweat. Stay strong, you are amazing a s ingle father with girls. Raise them for all of us who fight depression. Put your energy into them and show them how to be strong even when they are feeling weak. You are stronger than you know.

How old are your children. I would love to be your friend.

Congrats on the b-day old timer. :P<br />
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All you can do is take it one day at a time and, you never learn anything by succeeding. :P