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Why Am I Suddenly a Hermit?

Hypothetically, a 16 year old girl still living at home and going to a giant school has many people to talk to. It is a logical conclusion. But, and I don't know why, I just can't talk to those people. My family or my friends. My family don't talk much in general anyway, and never about the hard stuff...but I used to stay up all night talking with my friends - about anything! We had fun but when it was necessary we could talk about the painful things. But now it's just like I don't want to talk to them. I don't want them to have to listen to me say things about life and how it is messed up and all of that. I am becoming so reclusive, so I can avoid people and their questions. I used to talk. Now I just can't. It's insane. I don't want them to hear me. I want to be quiet for other people's sake. Why should they have to listen to me? It is out of nowhere, all of this. I don't know what's going on. I used to be really loud. I feel unstable. Hmm.
poorlittlerichgirl poorlittlerichgirl 16-17, F 11 Responses Jul 2, 2007

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Hi! Do you want to be friends with me? I feel we can relate with each other. I'm similar to you in a way I guess?

it sounds more like you don't want to be excluded as the mood killer then that you don't want to bother them which is all fine but i'm curious as to what it really is.

I have always even as a child been afraid that what I say would sound stupid. It is self asteem, something my mother should h
.ave helped me with. My dad told me not to worry I'll get boobs and all that. While saying it he would touch every part that he tried to make me keep hope of. Just found out that my dad was what they call a free spirit. At the end of the day his best friendd told me that he was battling his sexuality. My heart was broken because he was all I thought I had. Come to find out my dad may have been molesting me and my sister as well as his best friend my god father james session. We called him jimmy. All the timesy dad woke me up at 3am just me and you going fishing givin me schlitz malt liqour beer. I don't know the camping trips with him jimmy me and my sister no other children and Jimmy had 2. N mothers or other children.

dude way to cheer people up

i know how you feel i stay to my self same times

Ur a hermit crab I have so many questions for u what is ur vision like<br />
ok my pellow yelled at me to mention my psychological problems

It sounds like you are feeling judged rather than understood. Search out people who will understand you, and perhaps even help you overcome things. It isn't just what you talk about, but how you talk about it. Listening is an active endeavor that is a manifestation of support, it is another understanding and supporting you working your way through your own emotions, and helping you come to conclusions and make decisions to move forward.

I understand completely.

There are always people open to hearing other's problems, and generally all friends should be a viable medium from which to speak with. Might be their own forms of escapism allowing for a moment's repreive into a different life, genuine care and sympathy, or a need for an empathetic relationship. Maybe find someone on this site to talk to, as the anonymity is a nice perk of the internet and a good way to slowly get back to being more open with the things that really bother you. Sorry for any misjudgments or ignorance, I am a year your junior, and change seems to move pretty quickly in these years. Thanks for your time.<br />
<br />

I feel exactly the same way. If you want to talk, I'm here.

I messed up really badly. I just can't talk about it with my friends or family, I have the same reasons that you. <br />
So, I'm here. I'll love to listen to you, there is nothing u can say that would annoy me. Feel free to talk to me about anything, if you want.

The last two years I was in high school was almost just like that. If you can't talk to any of them, then talk to me or someone else here. I know my life is messed up too.