Confused Please Help.

i am a 17 year old girl who is confused, i like guys but for some reason i keep questioning that i am a lesbian. i really don't even know why.i mean, no offense to lesbians, but i don't want to be one and i dont like girls but i think for that reason (that i dont want to) that my mind keeps tricking me. i did have two boyfirneds but i seemed to like hte attention that i was getting from my other school friends becuas ei had that boyfirned. i have been in love for two years but not anymore. the thing that really confuses me is that i have liked guys but my firends will be walking down the street drooling over some guy and ill be like yea hes hot i guess. like i dont flip over some guys and i feel like that is wrong. also sometimes ill think about my friends who are girls and immediatly stop what i am thinking in my mind becasue i am digusted but hwy was i thinking it in the first place? and when i get in a relationshoip with a guy i get awkward but i keep thinking well i wouldnt be this awkward with a girl. is that just cuase my good friends are girls and becuase we are friends i know how to act? or am i a lesbian? i really need help im getting so upset over this. what do i do?
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You know I went through this same exact thing and even pursued some girls after my feelings didn't change...BUT the true kicker for me was to look at the girl I was with and see if I could picture being an old wrinkly lady with them. My answer was a big fat no. I could see myself growing old with a man but a girl was just too foreign and awkward for me to see a long term thing going on. I admit girls are attractive and that is never a bad thing to have experienced but in the long run I want a true man by my side.

You're really confused..

If I were you, I'd try going out with a girl and see if that relationship was less awkward, try kissing her and see if it's better than kissing a guy, etc. But don't go out with a girl just to experiment, go out with someone you like.

Only confusion has trapped your mind to think anything straight.

I think you're confused above all. Honestly, don't worry what tohers think of you and do what you think is right even if that does result in becoming lesbian. Some of the most popular girls at my school are bisexual! If you're confused, and willing, you can experiment and see if it feels right to go out with a girl. It's ok to like both too! If you need help I'm always here! (:

Its nothing serious, im 24, when i was 15-18 i thought the same things too, im straight and i know it now, everybody has those thoughts at that age i promise-nobody says anything just because no one wants to be called gay-Ann Frank even wrote about it in her diary, its 100% normal

hmm.. well.. im kinda dealing with the same thing.. duont relaly knwo waht to do either.. its all pretty knew to me<br />

I think you are just emotional and confused at this point...if I were you, I would just focus on what you are going to do after HS. I know you might think this is stupid advice but chances are, you just need to relax and focus on more important things-your sexuality will work itself out. Take care and be wise.