Blended Family

I am having some difficulty in juggling my responsibilities. I have a 9 yo boy, my new husband has a 10 yo girl, 8 yo boy, and a 6 yo boy. When we married June 2008, we had only mine full time. Now my husband is trying to get his 3 full time as well. When we had talked about it we had agreed for May 2009, but due to their mom's actions (drugs) we have them now and are going through legal issues to make it permentant. My husband expects me to jump right in and handle all the changes (challenges). I feel overwhelmed. I have had to quit nursing school, go part time at work, lose my benefits at work, and try to sell some of my stuff to pay for the room addition that is now urgently needed to be built as we were living in a 2 bedroom trailor. I feel as if I'm up against something that I never wanted when we got married. Please help advise me.   

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1 Response Jan 2, 2009

I agree with elfinsong... totally. You definitly need to have a chat with your husband and explain to him how you really feel. I hope everything works out for everyone.