I always need someone to talk too, especially late at night when I cant sleep and all the bad memories come crashing down around me. When I feel like crying and no idea why.

silvertears silvertears
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me too! every night!

I think that most of all are in the same situations as you. I mean it could happened that you feel lonely at night and even depressed. The best you can do is to share your feelings with someone, anyone that is willing to listen to you or that you trust. If not try to write down those feeling, put them in paper and do a list of things that will put you in a happier mood.

well at night its seems the world around is sleep but yet its seems u are not in peace with your self...I know the feeling and I have been going through it for past week but u gotta try to look at + side than - side...if u have to buy lil note and write something + everyday or every night...but if u need to talk than reach out ask someone

yeah, it is funny that one seems to be extra susceptible of bad memories and feelings during the night... gah... I tend to send a sms to a friend (that I can talk about anything with), or log on to msn through my cell phone... It really helps to talk to someone;

I wonder why all the memories come crashing down at nights only? Usually when no one is around to talk to.